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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Champagne Jayne cheerful and loyal despite CIVC persecution!

Champagne Jayne (note: #notachampagnewine) @ Charles Heidsieck
 – Does size matter? CWW seminar with Cyril Brun

Cyril Brun, cellar master for 
Charles Heidsieck

Champagne Jayne, also known as Jayne Powell, is in London. Amazingly for someone who has been most vilely persecuted by the CIVC (Comité Champagne Interprofessional Champagne), Jayne remains a loyal supporter and enthusiastic advocate of Champagne. Yesterday she was at the Circle of Wine Writers' Champagne seminar conducted by Cyril Brun, the cellar master for Charles Heidsieck.

I have huge admiration for Champagne Jayne's (note: #notachampagnewine) magnanimity as well as her courage in standing up to the Champagne bullies. Had I had been treated as Champagne Jayne has been by the industry and drink she loves, I would have turned my back for good on Champagne and written about sparkling wines from more sympathetic regions

It would be good to know how much money the CIVC wasted on persecuting Champagne Jayne. Top lawyers do not come cheap! How much change, I wonder, did the CIVC and their members have at out of £1 million after a case that they should never have brought and one that thankfully they essentially lost?  



Tuesday, 3 May 2016

An excellent Australian 1987 Fino from Rosemount....

It is amazing what you occasionally come across lurking in the back of cupboards etc. Take this 1987 Hunter Valley Chardonnay from Rosemount, which we unearthed on Sunday. Leakage down to the shoulder and the wine several shades darker than when this Chardonnay was bottled. 

I pulled the cork to have a taste, expecting to pour the contents down the sink. Typical Australian Chardonnay it wasn't but it had developed into an interesting and very drinkable quite rich Australian Fino. Look out Jerez!

Sometimes wine can be remarkably indestructible!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Manuel Lozano, head winemaker of Lustau, dies

 Manuel Lozano

During the #winelover trip to Jerez we had a great visit on 10th February and we were very privileged to have Manuel Lozano lead us round the Lustau Bodega explaining the mysteries of sherry. He had been unwell and it wasn't certain that he would be present – but he was. It is very sad to learn that Manuel died last Tuesday 26th April.   

Statement from Lustau:
'It is with profound sadness that we announce Manuel Lozano, Head Winemaker and Chief Enologist of Bodega Lustau Sherries and Brandies died on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 after suffering from complications following a recent medical procedure. He was 61.

Recognized among the world’s great winemakers, Manuel’s passion, commitment, expertise and success leave an unforgettable legacy.

Since joining Bodega Lustau in 1999, Manuel took pride in continuing the traditions of his predecessors to dedicate his whole life to Sherry wines.

“It has been an honor and privilege to work with and learn from this exceptional man” stated Myrna Santos Mayor, North American Director for Lustau. “On behalf of the entire team at Bodegas Lustau and the Luis Caballero Group we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your outpouring of affection and kind condolences extended to us during this difficult time.”

Manuel Lozano is survived by his wife and three sons.'

For further information, please visit: